Today, huawei’s international website built a new handsets, it belongs to the Mate 9 series, name of 9 lite Mate.

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Mate 9 lite is a location in the mobile phone, appearance for Mate 9 style, equipped with a 5.5 inches full hd screen, 2.5 D curve glass surface, the fingerprints on the back, the fuselage size of 150.9 mm x 76.2 mm x 8.2 mm.

Configuration, Mate 9 lite carrying is faster 2.1 GHz kirin 655 processor, memory combined with 3 gb of RAM + 32 gb storage and 4 gb of RAM + 64 gb storage two versions, the built-in battery 3340 mah capacity, optional color is gold, grey and silver. Cameras, Mate 9 lite is still a dual cameras, but there is no “Leica” trademark blessing, at the same time run just EMUI 4.1 system based on Android 6.0.

This week, apple approved a new patent, the patent introduced how to use a carbon nanotube printed circuit bending or folding screen smart phone. The patent apple apply in August 28, 2014, patent called “carbon nanotube cathode electronics printed circuit”.

From the patent details, apple hopes to create a more flexible circuit board to create surface smartphone or tablet. Although at present, there have been some surface display products on the market, but the screen can change shape, if continue to bend, the internal components will suffer.

In some cases, the electronic devices on printed circuit boards in the use of hard to let a person satisfied, in the use of some equipment cycle, through many times according to bending and level off, accidentally will cause the damage of circuit. And this is likely to lead to printing and signal line performance, influence equipment normal use. Though if the limit bending degree can extend the using time of the circuit, but such products may also be greatly discount on appeal.

Apple believes that if printed circuit using carbon nanotubes, signal propagation path can be formed, not only will not lead to cracking at the same time, even if multiple bending use will not damage. And carbon nanotubes can actually print to all parts, both show the inside of the equipment or hinge design, can work under the different situation.

Apple also said that if the use of carbon nanotube technology, can make equipment more light intensity is higher at the same time. And that for some need many times every day for folding device, can prolong the life time of the hinge parts very well.

But we still don’t expect apple will in next year’s iPhone 8 on printed circuit technology, the use of this carbon nanotubes, after all, in addition to the circuit and battery technology obstacles to overcome. But in the future, apple surface fold bending iPhone smartphone, sooner or later.

Recently, samsung has released an updated version of the Galaxy TabPro S hybrid tablet. The all-new combined hybrid tablet in further enhance the performance and configuration, and added a new golden color. And that is why this new product is called the Galaxy TabPro’s Gold Edition. This configuration powerful Windows 10 system hybrid laptop equipped with a full size external keyboard, so you can both tablets and laptop users demand.

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This updated version of the Galaxy TabPro S built in 2.2 GHz Intel core M3 processors and 8 gb of memory, as well as 256 gb solid state drive. In addition, the machine is equipped with a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels QHD Super AMOLED 12 inch touch screen, front and rear cameras are 5 million pixels, built in 5200 mah capacity battery, pre-loaded with Windows 10 home edition system.

Fuselage specifications, the new Galaxy TabPro S size is 29.1 * 19.9 * 0.6 cm, but look from the name currently provides only one color gold version. Samsung said the Galaxy TabPro’s Gold Edition play video can reach 10 hours continuously, connectivity support wi-fi 802.11 3.1 standard ac and USB, bluetooth 4.1 C.

For tablet users, the Galaxy TabPro’s Gold Edition is equipped with a full size and integrated touchpad external keyboard, so you can bring additional productivity for users. Galaxy TabPro’s Gold Edition keyboard adopt flexible hinge design, can switch between the two modes, and support the Pogo plug, no additional charger or connection.

At present, the samsung Galaxy TabPro’s Gold Edition tablet has been going on sale, priced at $999.99.

As huawei’s flagship mobile phones – Mate 9, 2016, in addition to the current exposure with kirin 960 processor, and equipped with double 20 million megapixel camera, a source recently pointed out that huawei Mate 9 will launch the standard version, the high-end version, top-of-the-line version and the version zunjue four versions.

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Among them, the standard is divided into operators and whole netcom, edition of equipped with 4 gb of RAM + 64 gb ROM storage; The high-end version with 4 gb of RAM + 128 gb ROM storage; Top match and zunjue edition is equipped with 6 gb of RAM + 256 gb ROM storage.

In addition, the machine will also support the iris recognition, fingerprint identification is still back, run Android 7.0 system, the price will be up to 3199 yuan, or officially released in November 8.

According to the information after exposure, the new generation apple iPhone will be cancelled traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack, unified the Lighting interface. For this reason, many headset manufacturers, headset products introduce their use Lighting interface. Recently, Denmark’s headset manufacturers are libratone released a headset Q Adapt In the Lighting interface – the Ear.

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Q Adapt – Ear using in-ear headphones In modelling design, and support the active noise control: Libratone In Q Adapt – Ear In adding the function of a man named CityMix, this feature allows the user to headphones to adjust the noise level, from grade 1 to grade 4 class will be divided into 4.

At the same time, Libratone released a named Q Adapt On – Ear Ear type bluetooth headset, also have CityMix function, and also equipped with an additional audio cables, for headset through cable connection device used when battery is low.

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It is understood that the two products will be On at the end of the month and Adapt the in-ear Q – In the Ear and the post Ear type Q Adapt On – Ear sells for $179 and $249 respectively.

Latest news, before the IFA2016 conduct, samsung has just released a new smart watch Gear S3, will be divided into two models, respectively is the standard version Gear S3 Classic  and sportsversion Gear S3 Frontier. The biggest upgrade compared to last year, S2, S3 is support Samsung Pay mobile payment.

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Samsung Gear S3 standard edition is equipped with a 1.3 -inch Super AMOLED screen resolution of 360 x 360 pixels, normally On support Always On screen. Watch Glass USES is the latest corning Glass SR panel, improve degree of resistance to delimit the watch also supports the level IP68 is three at the same time. The strap is still the traditional leather series.

Interactive mode, Samsung Gear S3 for S2 circular dial classic design, USES the rotary operating mode, can be used to select or set procedures, zoom pictures, answering the telephone and so on. At the same time set up a Home button on the right side and back buttons.

As the third generation of smart watch, Gear Samsung S3’s largest upgrade is to support the MST technology Pay mobile payment, compared with NFC, support the MST technology can be in more magnetic stripe the POS credit card payment.

Other configuration, Samsung Gear S3 a 1 GHZ dual core processor, equipped with 768 MB of memory, and 4 gb of storage space, built-in GPS, barometer, the heart rate sensor. In addition Gear S3 built-in battery 380 mah capacity, the official said moderate use can adhere to the four days.

Compared with the standard version, Frontier version as the sports style, use all black and rubber strap design, it also support 4 g LTE network access, and S3 Classic only support WiFi connection.
It is reported that samsung Gear S3 will be listed in the fourth quarter of this year, prices not released for the time being.

Motorola and Moto Z released Mods modular parts projects at the same time, and now includes JBL stereo speakers, external power supply, and even the projector. But for now, although these parts all look good, however, it seems, are still missing an essential categories, that is additional lens.

Based on earlier rumors, Moto Z module of Mods photographs by Sweden’s famous hasselblad photographic equipment manufacturers, and in June has revealed a so-called hasselblad Mods accessories photos. And now have a set of new design was exposed, we saw the camera accessories from the design a hasselblad classical shifter lever zoom control operation mode.

It is reported, this camera module will support 10 x optical zoom and xenon flash, as well as a variety of control functions. It also comes with a hasselblad build special shutter button, the yellow part is the shutter, and also provides around the shutter dial rod, which can be used to control the zoom, for precise control.

At least from the design point of view, this is very good camera module, and as one of the most important module in the future, Moto Z for photographing result how, also get your answer.

According to Bloomberg reports, informed sources, Apple plans to sell specialized hardware revision Apple Store mobile applications, emulate Amazon’s way, using the user’s purchase history to recommend new products.

Informed sources said that Apple retail applications will be updated in the next two weeks, which may include “For You” tag, according to the user’s purchase history before their recommended products.

Although, according to people familiar with the iPhone and the apple store application is different, but the new application will be compatible with both devices, and provide the same basic function and interface.

Qualcomm has launched a new flagship smartphone processor Snapdragon 821, the Snapdragon 820 is the upgraded version Snapdragon 821, a slight increase in performance.

Snapdragon 820 before is qualcomm’s flagship processor, currently on the market almost all of its flagship smartphone use this processor, including samsung Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC, LG G5, OnePlus 10 3, etc. Snapdragon 810 compared to last year’s, Snapdragon 820 not only on the performance and efficiency improved, but also solve the heat puzzling question bring quite a long time to qualcomm.

This all-new in Snapdragon 821 on the basis of Snapdragon 820, , on the basis of the performance increase by 10%, using the four core design of 2.4 GHz. Qualcomm said at the same time, carry Snapdragon 821 smartphones are expected in the second half of this year began to appear in succession, the first product is probably the samsung Galaxy Note released on August 7.

Sony XBR series has ushered in the three 4k TV models, is X700D, X750D and X800D respectively, but they were divided into the following five models according to the configuration: XBR – 49 X700D, 49 inches, $999.99; XBR – 55 x700d, 55 inches, $1499.99; X750d XBR – 65, 65 inches, $2299.99; XBR – 43 x800d, 43 inches, $1299.99; XBR – 49 x800d, 49 inches, $1499.99.

And Sony’s recent TV, these a few models will carry the Android TV operating system, may also is by far the best TV operating system. If you want to HDR function, the 800 d is the only choice, but Sony committed 700 d and 750 d will also be in later this year by the firmware upgrade for this feature.

It is reported, these a few 4 k TV will later this month in each big electric business and retail stores, and Sony’s official website has now opened up their booking.