This week, apple approved a new patent, the patent introduced how to use a carbon nanotube printed circuit bending or folding screen smart phone. The patent apple apply in August 28, 2014, patent called “carbon nanotube cathode electronics printed circuit”.

From the patent details, apple hopes to create a more flexible circuit board to create surface smartphone or tablet. Although at present, there have been some surface display products on the market, but the screen can change shape, if continue to bend, the internal components will suffer.

In some cases, the electronic devices on printed circuit boards in the use of hard to let a person satisfied, in the use of some equipment cycle, through many times according to bending and level off, accidentally will cause the damage of circuit. And this is likely to lead to printing and signal line performance, influence equipment normal use. Though if the limit bending degree can extend the using time of the circuit, but such products may also be greatly discount on appeal.

Apple believes that if printed circuit using carbon nanotubes, signal propagation path can be formed, not only will not lead to cracking at the same time, even if multiple bending use will not damage. And carbon nanotubes can actually print to all parts, both show the inside of the equipment or hinge design, can work under the different situation.

Apple also said that if the use of carbon nanotube technology, can make equipment more light intensity is higher at the same time. And that for some need many times every day for folding device, can prolong the life time of the hinge parts very well.

But we still don’t expect apple will in next year’s iPhone 8 on printed circuit technology, the use of this carbon nanotubes, after all, in addition to the circuit and battery technology obstacles to overcome. But in the future, apple surface fold bending iPhone smartphone, sooner or later.